Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Your Time Will Come!

Hey Everyone,

So, I thought that I would start my own blog. We'll see how long I keep this up :-) I'm really not a writer. You will probably find a few grammatical errors here and there and maybe a few mis-spelled words. No one is perfect right? There will be days when I really don't have anything to say, and then there will  be days when I won't be able to stop talking. So, why not let you all in on my thoughts.

This first blog is for all the SINGLE ladies! (Ok...go ahead..."all the single ladies, all the singles ladies...what uh oh oh oh....ok...enough :-)

In just a few days, it will be Valentine's Day. For some of us, it is a wonderful day with pink and read hearts, hallmark cards, chocolate, teddy bears, and even those annoying stuffed animal things that dance and sing songs like "I Feel Good." But, for others, it is a day where you remember just how single you are and the only Valentine you have are your parents and their thoughtful chocolates and card. I too have received the chocolates and also received the infamous text message wishing me a "Happy S.A.D." (Singles Awareness Day). There is nothing like feeling excited that you received a text and just maybe it is from "the one" but only to find out it's to remind you of your status. I think one year I threw my phone on the ground and stomped away. Can we say bitter?? LOL! I'm sure, without fail, I will receive the text again  since my status hasn't changed.

I recently received a message on aim from someone (this person refused to reveal their true identity) stating, "...that is exactly why you are still single, feeling so proud of yourself when you ain't nothing." After reading this I was in complete shock. I remember just staring at my computer speechless and in denial that I had just read those words. I don't know why it cut deep. After a few moments I collected myself and began to wonder what I may have done to make this "unidentified" person so mad and angry. I soon began to believe those hurtful words that were typed and for the next few days had a hard time believing that it wasn't true.  My self-esteem was shot and I began to dread Valentine's Day. February 14th would just be proof that the statement was true. something in my thinking changed. The last couple of days have been filled with such self-pity and defeat, and I decided I wasn't going to let myself stay that way any longer. So what if pretty much all my friends are married and are starting their families and I am single. It's ok! I'm ok! Timing is everything. In the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 (this is the Bible), it talks about how there is a time for everything. It's just not time for me, and I say that to you as well. If you find yourself lonely and dreading this holiday, it's ok. It's just not time. But that doesn't mean it won't come. Love will come. It doesn't mean you aren't good enough, pretty enough, or worthy of love. Your time will come and so will mine!

So this Valentine's Day, celebrate you! Celebrate loving you and do something great for yourself. I know I will. You are incredible, beautiful, unique, special, and worthy of love. Celebrate that! And remember....your time will come and when it does, it's gonna be worth the wait!!