Monday, May 17, 2010

Fake Chocolate

For those of you that know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE chocolate! Milk chocolate, chocolate with peanuts, walnuts, almonds, with peanut butter, caramel, you name it, I like it. If you really know me, than you also know that I am allergic to chocolate. If I have too much of it, I break out in a rash on my arms and legs. So needless to say, I have to be careful of how much I consume.

Today at work, a student was celebrating his birthday. He walked in with a balloon and a box which I assumed was filled with something sweet. Already looking for a sweet fix I sought him out thinking that maybe he would share. To my surprise he opened the box and there sat a half a dozen chocolate and vanilla frosted cupcakes. My eyes immediately grew as he pulled one out for me. I was so excited.

Later that day, I ate my lunch extremely fast. All all I really wanted and could think about was that cupcake. The presentation was beautiful. It looked wonderful! Whoever decorated it did a marvelous job. The frosting was perfectly formed in a nice design with colorful little candies on top. With so much anticipation, I took the first bite and soon realized that it was fake chocolate!!! Have you ever had fake chocolate before? You know the chocolate that really isn't milk chocolate? It has a different taste to it? It looks good but it's not the real thing. A thought immediately came to my mind. How many times have I gone after something that looked great and was packaged well but it ended up being an imitation? It could have been a job, a guy, a friendship, an open door, a new adventure. But because I was in such a rush I was left only to be disappointed.

So, I wonder today, why do we settle for the fake things in life? Sometimes what looks good on the outside is really not the best fit for us. It looks appealing to our eye and its very enticing, but if we stop and examine it from all angles, receive a little wisdom from those around us, and pray, we can save ourselves from a lot of heartache and disappointment. LOL...believe me, I have a stomach ache now :(

Just a thought!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Faith Like A Child

From time to time, I have the awesome privilege of kid-sitting three amazing girls. Each child has a huge curiosity for life, is very intelligent, and has a witty personality. They definitely keep you on your toes, make you laugh, and push you to think on a deeper level.

One afternoon we were headed down to the basement level of the house to play. The two older girls were already ahead of me and the youngest was trailing close behind. As I reached the last step, she yelled my name and I quickly turned around and instantly caught her in my arms. She has this way of climbing on things, jumping on your lap, or making you feel like you are a piece of jungle gym equipment. :) With her tiny frame in my arms I asked, "now what if I didn't catch you when you jumped?" She replied, "No matter what, I knew you were going to."

January 1, 2010, I walked into this new year very excited about all the possible things that could transpire over the next 365 days. For some reason I was filled with anticipation, unlike previous years, and could not wait to see all the things I have been waiting for unfold. Every facebook status or twitter update was saturated with nothing but positive statements like, "this is going to be a great year," or "I'm looking forward to what this year will hold." It seemed like nothing within the first couple of weeks could detour my thinking. I was focused and my mind was set to live every day to the fullest.

Somewhere along the lines, I started doubting and using "what-if'" in the beginning of my sentences. Somehow, and I don't know at what exact moment, I lost sight of believing that the year was going to be all that I expected it to be. Fear! Putting one foot in front of the other to make room for things to happen became difficult and I wondered if the things I had been praying and believing for would really happen. I was stuck. I questioned every opportunity that was presented to me and closed a few doors just because I was unsure and afraid. Yes, this was all in the month of January!

Last week I was reminded of the little girl jumping into my arms with full confidence that I would catch her and not let her fall. If her faith in me was that strong, how much stronger should my faith be knowing that even as I take a step or leap of faith, God will catch me no matter what. Its one thing to have a positive attitude and hope for the best, but its another thing to put those positive thoughts into action. It takes one step at a victory at a goal at a time. If I begin fall I can have peace in knowing that He will catch me!

So do you have faith like a child today? Are you shrinking back on dreams or goals fearing what the outcome with be? Deep inside are you hoping for a great year but are not taking the necessary steps or actions to allow those things to happen? matter what, He will catch you!

Just a thought...