Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hold On!

I recently went to New Jersey to support my mother who was asked to preach at a women's convention. I also had the opportunity to sing. The weekend was great! When I landed in Newark, the pilot told us that it was 66 degrees, and when I prepared to return to Rhode Island, the east coast was hit by another snow storm. My flight was cancelled and I had to leave the next day. 

I woke up early the next morning (3am) to find that my flight was delayed an hour and a half. I reached the airport (at 4:45am) and was told I wouldn't make my connecting flight and was placed on another flight (leaving 9:45am) with a completely different airline. I had a 4 hour wait. When the time came for us to board our flight, we realized we would have another 45min delay. Finally.....we boarded and I thought for sure we were going to take off. The pilot came on the loud speaker (11:14am) and told us that they had to shut the runway down because a plane coming in had to make an emergency landing. He continued to explain that once the runway was clear for activity, we would be the 20th plane to take off. 19 planes in front of us?? He concluded his message by saying "It may me a while folks, hold on."

Have you ever felt like you were one hold? I am at a place in my life where I feel like I am living in between anticipation and destiny. Somewhere in between expectation and dreams. How in the world do I survive some of the long days of "in between?" It feels like when you were little and you go on a trip with your family and you keep asking over and over "are we there yet?" It feels like when you are at an amusement park and you are in a long line nervously awaiting your turn. It feels like the night before the first day of school, christmas eve, or a landmark birthday! All that built up anticipation only to be told: "Hold on, you gotta wait just a little longer." 

I have found that I have become very impatient, and that has only lead to frustration. I realize that in this time, I must occupy my time. There is so much that I can be doing. Take a few classes, read lots of books, learn an instrument, write a book, make a hit song, and the list goes on. 

So, if you find yourself struggling in living in the in between, think about all the things you can be doing during this time. I bet you whatever it is, it will prepare us for the future.

Just a thought


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  1. Great thought. It is no doubt that every day and every experience makes us a little bit wiser. It is up to us to learn from each lesson and not make the same mistakes over and over. I'm very proud of you. Well done.